In a world increasingly saturated with data, how can we harness it for good?Climate change is the most pressing issue of our generation, yet it can feel distant and abstract.

Digital Product Design
Film/Moving Image

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Zhiqin Lu(ME)
Jessie Zhang
Jann Choi
Tom Buggs

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An app that visualises users’ carbon footprint
as a personal Habitat.
An empowerment of positive behavioural change.
An immersive intersection of physical and data


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BBC Habitat is an app that visualises users’ carbonfootprint as a personal Habitat. By providing people with information to support their environmental journey, the app empowers them to make positive behavioural change.

BBC Habitat immerses users in their personal Habitat in a real-time augmented reality, giving a deeper sense of connection to the natural world that they are trying to save.